Show #94 THE FAMILY THAT CHANGES THE WORLD with Alicia Roesler. Have we underestimated the power of healthy family? One of the purposes of family is so that we can have a sense of identity. Families carry an idenity of who they are. Even the tribes of Israel had identity, prophecies, and declarations about the purpose of their tribe.

Joining us in interview is Alicia Roesler. Alicia and her husband Scott are proud parents to 4 children, leaders at Nextgen Worship, and are an integral part of the kingdom heart and voice in our community.

Nextgen worship is the voice of a movement whose purpose is to empower generations to carry heaven and shift culture. As sons of God, we bear the responsibility to import heavens heart and mind culture into the earth in such a way that it causes societal transformation. We believe that the ecosystem we are creating as sons and daughters of God is going to build in momentum resulting in a stronghold of heaven on earth that cannot be undone.

We are all stewards of an emerging heavenly invasion in our generation that is going to begin to shift the balance from darkness to light and see the release of answers to unsolvable problems on an epic scale. The sons and daughters of God are catalysts of creativity that will lead to cultural rebirth and a renaissance that ushers in a new era of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The Nextgen Worship Broadcast is a weekly Nextgen Worship podcast hosted by Clint and Hayley Kahler and Josh Coate. When a new generation of church leaders are faced with the question: "Where do we go from here? We LOVE connecting with our listeners! Tell us what you think at If you enjoy our podcast, please share it! Thanks for listening!

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